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Six Easy Steps to Improve Your Fat Loss

Make time for maximum results and blast fat with these six easy steps.

If you want to drop pounds, you have to realize and accept the fact that missing the gym is your choice, no matter how busy you are. If you feel like a cat in a clothes dryer, watching the world through the glass while you spin out of control and desperately wishing to be on the other side, you need to stop wishing. You’re not a pussycat; you’re a man. It’s time to man up and take control of your life. Here are six things that will help you get back in the saddle and stop you from being dragged around by the horse.

1. Set Goals for Your Life — Including Fitness Goals

Make a list of the things you want to achieve during your lifetime–these are your long-term goals. Next, set shorter-term goals, about a month at a time, which will keep you on track for your five-year plan.

2. Prioritize

After you’ve set your goals, identify the time and energy bandits in your life and measure their worth according to whether they bring you closer to your goals. If they are of no value to you, convince yourself that you’re too busy for them instead of devoting time to them and ending up too busy for the gym.

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3. Meditate

Meditation slows down your mind, provides clarity and helps you keep things in control and prioritized by focusing on what is most important to you. It’s vital to your physical and mental health–especially in a world of constant contact and information overflow.

4. Prepare for the Next Day

Pack your gym bag the night before with all the clothes and equipment you’ll need for your workout. You can also prepare your food for the next day so you won’t skip meals or make unhealthy choices while you’re rushing here and there. Know what you’re going to train the next day, what you’re going to eat and when you are going to do it all. Schedule appointments in your planner so that your time doesn’t slip away.

5. Record Your Progress

If you take weekly photographs of yourself in a swimsuit or in underwear from all angles, you will see your progress over time, which will motivate you to stay consistent.

6. Make Fitness a  Lifestyle

Fitness isn’t a short-term project; it’s a lifestyle filled with healthy choices every day. It takes time to get out of shape and more time to get back in shape, but each workout you don’t miss will bring you closer to your goals of looking and feeling better.


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