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‘Drop Fat’

Three Fixes for Speeding Up Your Metabolism

Turn your body into a fat blaster!

Your body burns fat on its own. Go ahead and celebrate for a moment, but before you figure that that’s it’s your ticket to doubling up on the cheese on your next voyage down pizza-slice purgatory, you should know that your metabolism isn’t going to solve your fat-gaining problems—especially as you age.

In fact, studies have found that your metabolism slows by four percent per decade after the age of 20. Of course, eating right and strength training can help slow this decline substantially, but if you feel like your fat-burning ability is on an accelerated decline, there are ways to find out without starving yourself. Here’s how to see where you stand on the metabolism front.

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1. Rule Out Any Medical Reasons

“Get your thyroid checked by your doctor,” says Brian Zehetner, health director for Anytime Fitness. Your thyroid is the number one medical reason for a sluggish metabolism.

2.  Measure Your Metabolism

An indirect calorimetry test measures your metabolic rate with a simple breath test. How? “There’s a direct relationship between calories burned and oxygen consumed,” says Zehetner. It can be done by almost any health professional—just call a registered dietitian or local fitness facility to see if they dorequest a test.

3. Calculate Your Body Fat

“The easiest way to calculate body fat is via skin-fold calipers,” says Zehetner. Skin-fold measurements are taken at various body sites and plugged into an equation. One word of warning: All testers were not created equal. “Find a trainer that has literally done thousands of these tests because experience will greatly improve the accuracy of the measurement,” he says.

Six Easy Steps to Improve Your Fat Loss

Make time for maximum results and blast fat with these six easy steps.

If you want to drop pounds, you have to realize and accept the fact that missing the gym is your choice, no matter how busy you are. If you feel like a cat in a clothes dryer, watching the world through the glass while you spin out of control and desperately wishing to be on the other side, you need to stop wishing. You’re not a pussycat; you’re a man. It’s time to man up and take control of your life. Here are six things that will help you get back in the saddle and stop you from being dragged around by the horse.

1. Set Goals for Your Life — Including Fitness Goals

Make a list of the things you want to achieve during your lifetime–these are your long-term goals. Next, set shorter-term goals, about a month at a time, which will keep you on track for your five-year plan.

2. Prioritize

After you’ve set your goals, identify the time and energy bandits in your life and measure their worth according to whether they bring you closer to your goals. If they are of no value to you, convince yourself that you’re too busy for them instead of devoting time to them and ending up too busy for the gym.

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3. Meditate

Meditation slows down your mind, provides clarity and helps you keep things in control and prioritized by focusing on what is most important to you. It’s vital to your physical and mental health–especially in a world of constant contact and information overflow.

4. Prepare for the Next Day

Pack your gym bag the night before with all the clothes and equipment you’ll need for your workout. You can also prepare your food for the next day so you won’t skip meals or make unhealthy choices while you’re rushing here and there. Know what you’re going to train the next day, what you’re going to eat and when you are going to do it all. Schedule appointments in your planner so that your time doesn’t slip away.

5. Record Your Progress

If you take weekly photographs of yourself in a swimsuit or in underwear from all angles, you will see your progress over time, which will motivate you to stay consistent.

6. Make Fitness a  Lifestyle

Fitness isn’t a short-term project; it’s a lifestyle filled with healthy choices every day. It takes time to get out of shape and more time to get back in shape, but each workout you don’t miss will bring you closer to your goals of looking and feeling better.

Drop Fat and Build Muscle Faster Than Ever

The perfect 30-minute belly-fat burner.

We understand: You’re a busy guy who’s always on the go, but the good news is, every guy can find time to do the Reps! 30-minute workout four times a week for 10 weeks. It may not sound like a lot of training time, but we’re willing to bet that you’ll get better results from our program than from your current workout. Keep in mind that you’ll continue to burn fat for hours after you’ve finished the workout!

For each half-hour workout, you’ll alternate between two minutes of cardiovascular activity and one minute of weight training. During the course of a workout, you’ll perform 10 sets of resistance training in just 20 minutes. While this may sound like a lot less training volume than a more traditional workout, you’ll be surprised at how much harder and more effective this version can be, especially for the time-pressed man. It will keep you in constant motion and elevate your heart rate. You’ll burn body fat while forcing your target muscles to go to their limits during the one-minute weight sets that you’ve selected for each body part. In effect, cardio will make the resistance-training stimulate more muscle growth, while the resistance sets will allow you to burn more calories during the cardio sets. It’s a classic win-win if you ask us! (Note: If you can’t get to a piece of equipment, the chart provides options so that you can keep plowing ahead with the circuit.)


Reps! Fat Loss/Muscle Up Circuit

Leg press
Leg curl (lying or seated)
Hack squat
Incline barbell press (or dumbbell or machine)
Seated row (machine row acceptable)
Machine dip (or bench dip or parallel bar)
Preacher curl (any version)
Machine shoulder press (or seated or standing dumbbell press)
Standing machine calf raise (or machine toe press)
Ab machine crunch


Two minutes (slow)
One minute
Two minutes
One minute
Two minutes
One minute
Two minutes
One minute
Two minutes (moderate)
One minute
Two minutes
One minute
Two minutes
One minute
Two minutes
One minute
Two minutes
One minute
Two minutes (high)
One minute

Leg Press

Sit in a leg press machine, maintaining the natural curve in your lower back throughout the set. Place your feet on the platform, extend the legs (don’t lock out) and release the safety. Lower the legs as much as possible without altering your lower-back position (often, this is a fairly small range of motion). Press the weights back to the starting position, but avoid locking your knee joints at the top of the rep.

Leg Curl

Lie on a leg curl machine with the back of your lower legs, generally in the area of the Achiles, in contact with the roller pads (as shown). Pull the weights up toward your glutes, maintaining a natural curve in your lower back and using the power of your hamstrings. To avoid injuring your lower back, do not jerk the weight upward or use momentum. Lower the weights deliberately, feeling the stretch in your hamstrings.

Hack Squat

Position yourself in a hack squat machine with your shoulders in contact with the pads. Place your feet on the foot plate so that your knees won’t drift past the front of your toes when you drop into the bottom position. Release the safety catch, then lower your body in a smooth, controlled motion until your thighs and lower legs form an angle of 90-degrees, or slightly more. Press back up, feeling the contraction in your quads.

Incline Barbell Press

Lie on a bench and hold a barbell with your hands a little wider than shoulder width apart. Keeping the upper arms perpendicular to your torso, lower the bar until you reach a point just short of touching your pecs. Keeping your shoulders back, press the weight up. Maintain the natural curve in your lower back and keep your head, shoulders and butt in contact with the bench throughout the set.


Seated Row

Sit on the rowing bench with your knees slightly bent and feet spaced comfortably on the foot plate. Using an overhand grip, grasp a narrow-grip rowing bar with both hands. Keep your upper body upright throughout the set, maintaining the natural curve in your lower back. Pull the bar into your midsection using the power of your lats. Contract your back muscles, before returning to the starting position. Allow the weight to stretch your lats.

Machine Dip

Sit in a dip machine, after selecting a weight that will allow you to push the dipping handles for one full minute. Keep your upper body upright and your arms at your sides to ensure that you hit the triceps correctly. At the bottom, squeeze the triceps hard, then control the handles back to the starting position.

Preacher Curl

Holding an EZ bar, position your upper arms so that they rest against the pads of the preacher bench and extend your arms to reach the starting position (do not hyperextend your elbow joints). Curl the weight up until your arms are vertical. Squeeze the biceps briefly, then feel the stretch as you lower the bar until your arms are nearly straight again.

Machine Shoulder Press

Adjust the seat so that, as you grasp the handles, your hands are at shoulder level in the starting position. Using the power of your delts, press the weight up until the arms are nearly straight and overhead. Lower the weight slowly, feeling the stretch in your shoulder muscles.


Standing Machine Calf Raise

Press your shoulders into the pads and lift the weight off its stack by standing upright. Rise up onto the balls of your feet, using the power of your calf muscles. Note that the weight stack will travel mere inches. Lower the heels, taking the below the plane of the foot plate. Feel the stretch in the calves. This exercise will give you a solid burn.

Ab Machine Crunch

Use an upright or lying ab machine. On the upright machine, place your feet firmly on the floor and press your chest into the pad, initiating the movement from your core. Bring your head toward your knees and contract your abs at the midpoint. Control the weight as you return to the starting position, feeling the stretch in your abs.