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Three Fixes for Speeding Up Your Metabolism

Turn your body into a fat blaster!

Your body burns fat on its own. Go ahead and celebrate for a moment, but before you figure that that’s it’s your ticket to doubling up on the cheese on your next voyage down pizza-slice purgatory, you should know that your metabolism isn’t going to solve your fat-gaining problems—especially as you age.

In fact, studies have found that your metabolism slows by four percent per decade after the age of 20. Of course, eating right and strength training can help slow this decline substantially, but if you feel like your fat-burning ability is on an accelerated decline, there are ways to find out without starving yourself. Here’s how to see where you stand on the metabolism front.

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1. Rule Out Any Medical Reasons

“Get your thyroid checked by your doctor,” says Brian Zehetner, health director for Anytime Fitness. Your thyroid is the number one medical reason for a sluggish metabolism.

2.  Measure Your Metabolism

An indirect calorimetry test measures your metabolic rate with a simple breath test. How? “There’s a direct relationship between calories burned and oxygen consumed,” says Zehetner. It can be done by almost any health professional—just call a registered dietitian or local fitness facility to see if they dorequest a test.

3. Calculate Your Body Fat

“The easiest way to calculate body fat is via skin-fold calipers,” says Zehetner. Skin-fold measurements are taken at various body sites and plugged into an equation. One word of warning: All testers were not created equal. “Find a trainer that has literally done thousands of these tests because experience will greatly improve the accuracy of the measurement,” he says.


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